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The story continues … and it’s still about Jesus.

The book of Acts records the birth of the Church and the thirty-year period following the resurrection of Jesus. The book includes incredible stories of faith. So who were these people? What inspired them? And what sparked a movement? The resurrection of Jesus Christ! They heard His teaching, they witnessed His miracles, and they were there when He was horribly crucified. And amazingly, they saw Him alive again, proving He was the Son of God and proving that everything He said was true. They were convinced. And they were compelled to proclaim it. At great risk, they courageously talked about Jesus everywhere they went, and many of them died for doing so.

They were convinced, they were compelled, and they were courageous. And these first Christians are our mentors. We need their 1st century passion for our 21st century world. May their faith revive our faith. May their joy revive our joy. May their passion revive our passion. May their courage revive our courage.

The book of Acts continues to be written; every generation adds their chapter to the book. We are living and writing our chapter. The story continues … and it’s still about Jesus.
August 19          The Mission...Witnesses of Jesus                           READ           WATCH
August 26          The Spirit...Empowered for the Mission               READ          WATCH
September 2     The Message...It's ALL About Jesus                       READ          WATCH
September 9     The Church...The Beauty of the Bride                  READ          WATCH
September 16   The Name...The Power of His Name                    READ          WATCH
September 23   The Prayer...Praying as They Prayed                    READ          WATCH
September 30   The Unstoppable Gospel                                                             WATCH

October 7           Stephen, The First Martyr                                      READ           WATCH
October 14         Philip, The Evangelist                                              READ           WATCH 
October 21         Saul/Paul, The Conversion                                    READ           WATCH
October 28         The Gospel, For All Nations                                  READ            WATCH
November 4      The Hand of the Lord Was With Them               READ           WATCH
November 11    Great Lengths to Save                                                                  WATCH
November 18    What's Next                                                                                    WATCH