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January 14     Ephesus - First Love                                       READ           WATCH
January 21     Smyrna - Playing it Safe                                READ           WATCH
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February 4    Thyatira - You Say You Love Me                  READ           WATCH
February 11  Sardis - Wake Up!                                           READ           WATCH
February 18  Philadelphia - Declaration of First Love    READ           WATCH
February 25  Laodicea - Lukewarm                                    READ           WATCH
In the book of Revelation, Jesus instructed the Apostle John to record His words and send seven letters to seven churches. In these letters, Jesus encouraged the church and He also confronted the church. As we read what He said to those seven churches, we need to ask ourselves … Could Jesus be saying this to us? Could Jesus be saying this to me?
In these letters, His words are strong and direct. Because, Jesus said, “Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline” (Revelation 3:19). What was true in that day is true in our day. We have a tendency to drift. If we’re not careful, we become complacent, we compromise, and we grow cold. That’s not how followers of Jesus are supposed to live. There should be a passion and zeal about us, because we have been touched by the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

To one of the churches in Revelation, Jesus said, “You have left your first love” (Revelation 2:4). Could He be saying that to us? In light of His love for us, how could we?! Oh, it’s so easy to do. If we’re not careful, we become complacent and we just don’t love Him as much as we used to. And when that happens, Jesus speaks up, and His words are strong and direct. “Wake up! … Remember who you are! … Repent, and come back to Me!”

Jesus will confront any drift and complacency in our lives. And He will also call us to lives of passion and zeal, which is the only appropriate, grateful, and humble response to the love and sacrifice and grace of Jesus. In light of His love for us may we return to Jesus. May we return to our “first love.”