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Prayer is an invitation to talk to God. Even better, it is an invitation to talk to our Father! Prayer is how we, as God’s children, come to Him with any need and any question. Prayer is His invitation for us to pour out our hearts before Him. It is amazing that the God of the universe would listen to the prayers of such small creatures as us, and yet that’s exactly what our Father promises to do.

The disciples once asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. They wanted to how to talk to God and they wanted to know how to experience the power of God. So Jesus gave them what we call The Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer is as famous as the song Amazing Grace. Whether a Christian or not, most people know Amazing Grace, and most people know the Lord’s Prayer. It is an acceptable religious expression even in secular settings, and it is recited every Friday night by high school football teams before the big game. But it’s actually not meant to be recited; it’s meant to be a model of how to pray.

  • It calls us to adoration, to exalt our Father and King.                          WATCH THIS MESSAGE
  • It calls us to submission, to bow our lives to God’s will.                       WATCH THIS MESSAGE              MESSAGE NOTES
  • It invites us to pray for provision, to trust God to meet our needs.  WATCH THIS MESSAGE
  • It requires confession, to admit our sins and come clean before our holy God.  WATCH THIS MESSAGE       MESSAGE NOTES
  • It calls us to a life of sanctification, to pray that He would make us more and more like Jesus.   WATCH THIS MESSAGE        MESSAGE NOTES
  • And it ends with exaltation, to live with a passion to advance the kingdom of God, empowered by the Spirit of God, and living for the glory of God.   WATCH THIS MESSAGE   

As a model, the Lord’s Prayer is our prayer. This is how we talk to our Father. This is how we live in relationship with God. As His children, we can come to Him anytime we want and pour out our hearts to Him.